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2017-02-11 13:42:49 by Verspar

I look outside and I see a few trees, a plot of kept land, cars passing by and buildings for small businesses. This is my world. What is yours?


2016-11-26 13:24:11 by Verspar

Well this is embarrasing. I thought I would be gone forever, but I just can't. it's been a good few years of me being away from this website. I felt the need to leave because I was extremely conflicted in 2013. I had to go on a journey of self-discovery, it was tough and the interaction with the people on this website was hard only because they weren't going to take any shit from me. I was not used to being challenged, but now I can be challenged a little more than I used to. So I'm not sure how often I'll be around the site, but I can guarantee it will be slightly more often than the last few years. Now I"m in college wanting to learn computer science. I been for a year now.


2013-09-01 20:53:26 by Verspar

I write this here to give you my last words on this site.

Thank you guys for the experience. I enjoyed being on Newgrounds ever since the Assassin stage. I fell in love with the flash animations and games that came out of this website. I remember my older brother introducing me to the actual "Newgrounds" website and how I wanted to use it since it's early days. At 2006, I started to use it more and I learned about Video Games Director Cuts. At a time I only watched sprite movies and I remember how Super Mario Bros Z and the Dawning of Darkness and other such flashes inspired me to make flashes that I never finished. I signed up to Newgrounds in 2008 to finally do something on this site. I remember making a terrible game that I wish I had never created or, at least, never uploaded. I remember keeping it for a while and finally decided to delete it, only to find myself incapable of deleting it. Now, there is a delete button and it has been deleted, allow bad memories remain as bad memories instead of being a constant nightmare. I do hope the site continues to grow for the better.

I remember thinking, somehow I will be able to make my terrible game (unable to delete the game at this time) into something better by asking the General forum a series of questions. I never really got past the first question. I eventually found myself having a pleasure to communicate with the Newgrounds community. I also enjoyed having to joke all the time with everyone. Sadly, I grew tired of joking and eventually wanted actual discussions. The problem was that everyone made black hole topics and post. Hardly anyone posted with the intention of encouraging ideas and belief, when they do, their topic are throttled by insults and backlashes. There was never a real discussion, only jokes and flaming. I love satires, I really do, but I can't take the so-called "satires" created by these people anymore. I feel like some people have nothing better to do than insult and degrade others, or talk about irrelevant things, which makes me sad because everyone seems to be really smart or talented in one way or another and it bring me sorrow to see such potentials go to waste. Not all hope is lost, the other forums out of General are in a far better spirit than General, but I can't relate to any of them. I do, however, I have to thank the forums for rising my interest in learning and sharing new information. I have recently grown indifferent with the people, I must leave.

Thank you Tom, for creating this site. Thank you Wade for maintaining this site. Thank you staffs for creating the best flash submissions known to me. Thank you Animators, Game Developers, Musicians, and Artists for creating great and not-so-great contents to the internet. Thank you Newgrounds community for being a colorful community. I leave because I have no interest in the community anymore. I never planned on being an animator, game developer, musician, nor artist, therefore, my days here was destined to end quickly. I love watching animations, playing games, listening to music, and looking at art, but I have other interests, deeper interests. I don't know how I'll make my life, but I'll be more closer to it by leaving.

tl;dr: I told my history with Newgrounds, I told my experiences in the BBS, and I said my thank yous.

Goodbye Newgrounds, the people you've attracted could've been better. As I move on with my life, I hope this site will improve more and more. I hope that the community too, will improve. Well, one can dream. With this final note, I bid thee thank you and farewell.