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Dark Hand Dark Hand

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Did you have symbolism in your mind while you were making this or the hand you made only happens to be the left hand. I mean have you ever heard of hamsa? its a right hand with an eye, this eye is a sign of protection from the evil eye. Interpretation could lead someone to think the evil eye come from the left hand, which the right hand wards. THIS is the left hand, also known as the sinister. And I here am left-handed have learned about the things people believe and to a conclusion, I believe that they think the left hand is "evil" mainly because those who are left-handed are all "improper" in everything they do because they don't do anything the "right" way.

though I love the symbolism of this art, I feel something missing. I mean really there is no background it appears like the hand just spawned from from nowhere which makes it feel a little two-dimensional. I understand the feeling of being alone, but there is so much space that is wasted which could have been to better enhance the feeling of loneliness and the absence of comfort. I recommend you to add some dark red lines sort of flowing to, but not touching the hand. To keep the feeling of loneliness I'd recommend not overflowing with the line, the black give the lonely feeling.

I'm not an artist, but it's strange to feel more into your picture "Homicidal Intention" than this, which shows something that could be considered the epitome of evil.

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penguin100 responds:

Thanks, i like to hear an outside perspective on my art and newgrounds has been a good place for that so far. I suppose i didn't really think to much about the symbolism of it but i definitely learned a little something from your review. It was actually just by chance that it was a left hand. I probably could have filled some of that empty space but it just felt finished to me. i was going for a simplistic finish. The hand seems to be coming out of nowhere but if you look closer i was actually going more for a dark rift opening from the darkness kind of look. The hand is technically "spawning" out from it. Im curious though, why did you give me a six? Was it just because of the unused space or is there something else wrong with it that u didn't mention. The score just feels a little low for the problems u described alone.

Botched Real Estate Botched Real Estate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

automatic fire mario

Oh my gosh! Mario is equip with a cheat of power change and unlimited ammo! Run for your lives! This is another "I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle" joke, but this has its own new twist which makes it funnier than others.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hurrah for angry trees

This one is pissed and looks like he is about to do something to anyone who crosses his path (or towards him in this case).
If this tree was an apple tree, I'd love to call him Wispy Wood's angry brother!!
I'd also love to see ol' Wispy needing to take a day off from being a boss and calls this guy to do the work.