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PleaseDiePie PleaseDiePie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have a question, do you like PewDiePie or do you hate PewDiePie, or do you not care about PewDiePie and other similar youtube stars, until their "Bro Army" start acting up? I'm trying to understand because I like PewDiePie and other Youtubers for my own personal reason, but this Parody is funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it; even though I like the Youtubers who're being made fun of. I personally think they're funny. This video could potentially show that they are overrated, but to me I see the very reason why I like them in the first place is being presented right here in this flash.
If you seriously don't like PewDiePie and similar Youtube stars (I can't tell with this sarcastic video you make) then I will give you a tip of the hat to you because I am grateful for you to make fun enough for the haters to enjoy, but not go overboard with the hate issue that a lover (is that the correct term?) could enjoy with the hater.
This is how a Parody is done, never thrash on others with extreme disrespect because it will create a lot of negative impression that will create an all out battle. A satire was meant for people to think about a certain situation, dwell upon it, and decide for themselves, while being humorous about it. I say that you have done it right.

On another note I feel like that comment from PewDiePie himself was meant to be sarcastic, like this video. In fact, there are so much sarcasm lately, I have no Idea what anyone truly think anymore because people will even be sarcastic about things they like as with things they hate. But, I digress, I enjoy satires of many form, whether someone being sarcastic, or making a parody, or even poking a little fun of something, I enjoy. Sadly, some people don't see the way I see.

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Egorapture Egorapture

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A unique satire. it shows some frustration made into a joke about how people call your movies like Egoraptor. When I saw your name, I was thinking of how familiar it sounds, so I looked at your archive of movies and saw the Sailormoon one which I could say may give one the feeling of Egoraptor, but I see that it is essentially yours, not Egoraptor. Then I got to the the Bronies flash and remembered it immediately and I wasn't thinking of Egoraptor at all.

Sure the color scheme you and egoraptor like to use may be similar, but then again, I've seen many people who share similar color scheme throughout my life. and I'm only 19 years old! in fact I needn't be 19 to notice, I'm sure someone who's 6 years and younger can notice. Also with the art style, I hardly see any similarity, what I mean is that outside of the silly faces, which purpose are to make the most revolting or funny faces out there, I could name 1 popular game franchise art style that would fit you and 1 for Egoraptor; I'll let you know beforehand that I don't think anyone should believe their art are complete knockoff of anything, especially because they will think anything they produce will only be a copy of someone else, making their life a view of mimicry, but some people like that. As for your art style, you remind me of the Legend of Zelda, and I understand that they pull different art into the Zelda series, but if you see them as a whole (excluding Philip-CDi), the Legend of Zelda series have a constant art style. Now for Egoraptor, his art style is that of Mega Man, and he doesn't hide this fact, I mean he has and art submission that is of Mega Man X, and it is done pretty well!

The joke in this flash aren't so original, but who cares? I know your not copying Egoraptor! Besides in the form of satire, this is made better as for the fact that you've experienced the situation yourself. As for your other submission. . . they may give feelings of Egoraptor, but what is Egoraptor's style? it's a word that starts with a P. . . Parody. A fine word that describe works that are humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, as of a person, event, etc. (etc.? hm, two examples, televised shows and video games). And what is your style again? Oh yeah! Parody! It all makes sense now! You two make parodies! No wonder why both of your work seem similar, but essentially different.

And for anyone else who reads this, especially the ones who find Spazkid's work are terrible ripoffs of Egoraptor, I'll let you know they are terrible ripoffs! I mean come on man (or woman. . . or child. . . or neutered alien robot dinosaur egoraptured flying unicorn)! If he was ripping off Egoraptor, he is doing a terrible job, but if he isn't ripping anyone off, who are you to discern that his original work (by original, I mean the content of the parody, not the parody itself) is to be ripped off of someone. I mean, Super Mario Bros. Z is one of the most popular sprite series (I love this series) on Newgrounds and it is ripping off Mario, Sonic, and Dragon Ball Z. Alvin-Earthworm gives credit to the people who own them, it's fine because he gave credit to something he didn't make. Spazkid, on the other hand, give credit to Egoraptor only for his voice in this flash. So what, his works are something Egoraptor would do, did he do it? no! If he didn't make it, he didn't make it. I'll let you people know that I love Egoraptor, I personally think he's funny and I don't belittle Egoraptor, but I can't stand it when someone give credit to another when they shouldn't! Sure you could mention inspirations, but that's for the creditor to do. Mind you, anyone who are inspired by another would be willing to give credit to their inspiration.

One last note, some of those people could be trolls. Why? I better not be the only one who would think that Egoraptor needs credit because it would be good for him. I mean he's not a regular raptor, he's an Ego Raptor. Anyways, the true credit doesn't go to Egoraptor, but to Gregory House, who's WAY more egocentric than Egoraptor.

Thank you for your time.

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Spazkid responds:

lol I think they might seem like that because some 10's were altered to 0's haha

The Undiscovered Fish The Undiscovered Fish

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's just the beginning

the voice sounds fake as it was forced to be deep (or your just going through puberty). The mic is not that good, but I guess that's what to expect when you start off; I mean I wouldn't ever start off something with all the resource before, because who know, I may end up not try to profess in it. Either way if you want to make it understandable, either speak louder, or add subtitles because I really want to know what you have to say.

The artwork are delightful, I just enjoy seeing the cute face of the, what you call it? Steve. I do think though, the trollface is a little immature, I understand your 13, but that doesn't excuse it. I'm not saying you should never use trollface, but it's not a fitting thing in this kind of flash. I'll also admit the censor is a nice, funny touch and it fits what you are presenting.

So a science project. Is it Biology? Are you being graded? If you are, was it a good grade?

I may have given you a 6, but if I were your teacher, I'd probably give you a B- or a solid A (if I had a script I'd definitely would give you an A). My reason is, if your a musician, you would be graded by if your music is any good, but if your in music class, you are graded by how well you improved or at least by how you perform in accordance to your current skills (I hope you understand my metaphor).

If I were to say anything you should change in what you have in your flash is, unless it enhances the viewer's experience, take away anything unnecessary. I I'll also say for project outside the classroom, you should look for voice actors or get a better microphone (I'm not expecting you to actually buy one).

Other than that, you did awesome with the flash.

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NinjaCube responds:

Wow! I am completely stunned by the length of this review.

I know the voice is pretty bad. My friend recorded his voice with a apple microphone slash camera thing. We also edited it in garage band to lower the voice so that's why it sounds so forced. Both my friend and I who were working on this project have pretty high voices so that's why we had to edit it. For later projects I have been thinking about getting voice actors, like you said, or having some of my friends with voices that are more suitable for the characters I put in my flash. I'm also trying to find a headset microphone because I have some birthday money left.

The Trollface was sort of a test to see how many of my classmates actually knew what it was. Only one person did.

I did actually got an A on the project because the video was included in a presentation, with a whole bunch other information and a podcast.

So, yeah, thanks for the review. I really appreciate it.

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Fragile Fragile

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Spoiler Warning: if you haven't played this game, play it. It's a game that's meant to be played with no previous knowledge of it.

This is a typical story with a moral where we see the gradual fall of the character until they reach their retribution in the end. That was done amazingly for this game. Almost everything int the game was meant to make us not break our egg: from the title, to the atmosphere, to the fate of the other eggs, to how easy it is to keep the egg from breaking. This game has a great way to lead us to the moral when we find out we would have hatched the whole time. The best part about a game with choices is that we can often see another ending with a newfound knowledge; which is true in this game. This game is really great at bring the player through the narrative.

However, what this game didn't do well is maintain the false notion that we will die if we break our egg from the beginning. I said almost everything in the game tells you to not break your egg, except the game mechanics. I was stripped of the narrative because I broke the egg immediately by heading left, up the ledge, and breaking my egg when I jumped back into the nest. My love to explore the world destroyed the narrative for me.

The challenge with making a game of choice with a moral behind it, is to allow people to experience something regardless of their way of playing. The story is meant to see us get further and further into the fall of the character as we keep making the same mistake of not cracking our egg over and over again. What motivates someone to make the same mistake over and over again? I think it is that they continually believe that they are making the correct decision when it is opposite from the truth. I believe that a good way to build such facade is to make it seem like you are punishing the player when they try to break the egg with a crack and an indication that that crack is bad. If that existed, I would have been more cautious from the beginning onward.

Either that, or make the game more rewarding for those who broke their egg immediately because, as much as I like the concept, I was not able to experience the game in its full glory. The good ending wasn't satisfying enough as I had no burden to begin with, no obstacles to overcome, nothing to gain, and more importantly, nothing to learn as I had broken my egg in the beginning. The worst part is that the game became easier after the egg breaks which can be a metaphor to releasing the burden, but like I said, I had no burden. It is a good game otherwise. I just wish I was able to experience it.

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Limbo Mario Limbo Mario

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I rated a 2.5, but in all actuality, I can't rate this. This is definitely only a testing experience, like the one level you will come back to over and over to see how things go (I guess you could call debug mode). If this is debug mode, then you should get cracking because people seem to like the idea, but when they think of this, they seem to want a completed version. This clearly needed to be in NG Alpha (sadly it doesn't exist anymore, and stopped working for many years). But I digress, you should work on perfecting debug mode or the rest of the game will be terrible. Now what I want to do is point out some bugs that you could clean out.

Coin block problem:
The coin block seems to gravitate me to the nearest side when I hit it from under, some time I just fly out to the right or left of it.

Jumping problem:
When I hold the jump button, all I need to do is go on the block above me and I automatically jump, but in this case, it looks like I'm doing a super jump or something.

Block cluster problem.
I've not had any problems with any of the blocks by moving around it, but the two block clusters on the far right (3 blocks on the right 2 blocks on the left) have a strange collision pattern. Every block seem at least "solid", but if you go to the gap between these block clusters, its a whole new rule. like for example, jump on top of one of the block in the cluster and walk your way to the center of the gap and you are floating in mid air. Also, time your jump correctly and you could move to the side of the gap in order to go through the blocks (only within the cluster).

Collision issue:
All block have a strange side collision. If you are touching the edge of a block, you will not actually "touch" the blocks because the collision line is a few pixels outwards. Also when falling off the side of the block, I started falling (first few pixels) and I went towards the block, not only am I not falling anymore, but I'm also on the top of the blocks. One last problem I found is that if you are jumping under a block close to the edge of the block, you will gravitate towards the side of the block.

Outside the whole bug issue, I'm perplexed on how the design of the game will turn out, from what I see here, I feel like it would be a normal Mario game that takes place in a Limbo like world. In this case you will probably lack the Limbo element, but if you make the world more deeper like Limbo, I fear you will take away the whole Mario. The reason I say this is that Mario and Limbo are designed completely different. Mario is about someone fast and has a strong jump ability who can end any enemy by jumping on them. Limbo is about a fragile boy who has mediocre ability, he's not strong, he's slow and can't jump high and if I think correctly (never played the game) you can't kill anything directly and everything is off to kill you even the environment.

If you could put both of them together and make a great game, awesome, but I can't really imagine a way to make a decent enough game to have both elements without neglecting one of them. Unless, hm, I just thought of it, but I still think it won't come out exactly right, but you could make the world crumble upon you. You also would need to make the enemy design much more gruesome or ominous. And the level not so friendly, but keep a good Super Mario Bros. pace to it. It's coming clearer to me, but I'm not sure if you can execute it. Could you?

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Cute Explosions Cute Explosions

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What a marvelous, fast paced game. I like it allot. It's Assassin all over again. Destroy the cutest things with the power of the strongest might, survival of the fittest. It fun and and exiting, simple, and funny. The controls are great and smooth. I did have some problems with stages that had full of blocks; you couldn't get your way around to make a good amount of point within the 15 seconds. I'm not a fast paced gamer because the quicker I'm the game the earlier I'm finished. There's nothing you could do to change that, but for a fast game I really enjoy it.

Oh and Tom Fulp and the NG crew. . . Do you remember all all those time you spent on revamping the site? Well. . . I think. . . I had an accid- OH RIGHT! I destroyed your precious Newgrounds! But you'll never catch me alive! I have the power! AHAHAHAHA! :P

SinclairStrange responds:

Hehehe I'm glad ya liked the Newgrounds level. Twas a 'ickle something to say thanks for such an awesome site :P.

Aye, if I ever do make a sequel in the future I have plans for new modes which like increases time limits ect ect but for the time being I just wanted it to be simple and quick.

But I'm glad ye like the game! ^_^

Recent Art Reviews

Dark Hand Dark Hand

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Did you have symbolism in your mind while you were making this or the hand you made only happens to be the left hand. I mean have you ever heard of hamsa? its a right hand with an eye, this eye is a sign of protection from the evil eye. Interpretation could lead someone to think the evil eye come from the left hand, which the right hand wards. THIS is the left hand, also known as the sinister. And I here am left-handed have learned about the things people believe and to a conclusion, I believe that they think the left hand is "evil" mainly because those who are left-handed are all "improper" in everything they do because they don't do anything the "right" way.

though I love the symbolism of this art, I feel something missing. I mean really there is no background it appears like the hand just spawned from from nowhere which makes it feel a little two-dimensional. I understand the feeling of being alone, but there is so much space that is wasted which could have been to better enhance the feeling of loneliness and the absence of comfort. I recommend you to add some dark red lines sort of flowing to, but not touching the hand. To keep the feeling of loneliness I'd recommend not overflowing with the line, the black give the lonely feeling.

I'm not an artist, but it's strange to feel more into your picture "Homicidal Intention" than this, which shows something that could be considered the epitome of evil.

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penguin100 responds:

Thanks, i like to hear an outside perspective on my art and newgrounds has been a good place for that so far. I suppose i didn't really think to much about the symbolism of it but i definitely learned a little something from your review. It was actually just by chance that it was a left hand. I probably could have filled some of that empty space but it just felt finished to me. i was going for a simplistic finish. The hand seems to be coming out of nowhere but if you look closer i was actually going more for a dark rift opening from the darkness kind of look. The hand is technically "spawning" out from it. Im curious though, why did you give me a six? Was it just because of the unused space or is there something else wrong with it that u didn't mention. The score just feels a little low for the problems u described alone.

Botched Real Estate Botched Real Estate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

automatic fire mario

Oh my gosh! Mario is equip with a cheat of power change and unlimited ammo! Run for your lives! This is another "I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle" joke, but this has its own new twist which makes it funnier than others.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hurrah for angry trees

This one is pissed and looks like he is about to do something to anyone who crosses his path (or towards him in this case).
If this tree was an apple tree, I'd love to call him Wispy Wood's angry brother!!
I'd also love to see ol' Wispy needing to take a day off from being a boss and calls this guy to do the work.